Canada Business Immigration (Canada Immigrant Investor Program)

Canada Immigrant Investor Program has been established by the Government of Canada in 1986 to attract experienced business people who are able to invest CAD $400,000 into Canada’s economy over a 5-year period for whom interested to settle in Canada except the province of Quebec. Currently CIC has temporary stopped accepting applications for this program until the new amendments come into force most probably mid November 2010. The new proposed amendment will require applicants to show a minimum net worth of CAD $1,600,000 (increased from CAD $800,000) and a five year investment of CAD $800,000 (increased from CAD $400,000). Also, it requires at lease two years of business management experience. In return, the approved applicant will obtain permanent resident status upon arrival in Canada and can live, work, study, and conduct business in Canada and also entering and leaving Canada freely and of course applying for Canadian citizenship after minimum three years after landing in Canada. Also, for those whom want migrate to Canada and live in Quebec province, they have to apply through Quebec Immigrant Investor Program; the programs have slightly different requirements. You still need to have at least two years management experience plus invest CAD $400,000 (which may increase later November) and provide documents proofing net worth of $800,000 (which the same as Federal Immigrant Investor Program will increase to CAD $1,600,000). Compare to other investor programs around world like Australia which needs almost CAD $2,157,000 minimum net worth and CAD $1,400,000 minimum investment, UK immigrant investor program which needs a minimum net worth of CAD $3,330,000 and minimum investment of CAD $1,667,000 and USA investment immigration program which needs minimum investment of CAD 1,030,000, with new proposed amendments, Canada Immigrant Investor Program is still cheaper than others. Canada is a fast growing country with powerful economy and lots of investment opportunities like affordable real estate investment with high return which will give you a peace of mind to secure and increase your investment. What you get in return is enormous. Like other immigration programs, this program will give you unconditional Canadian permanent resident visa which will allow you to obtain permanent resident status upon arrival in Canada or Quebec, live, work, study, and conduct business in Canada, enter and leave Canada freely and apply for Canadian citizenship (minimum of three [3] years after your arrival). Also, you and your family will be qualified to receive health benefits which are one of the most health coverage around the world. In general, both Canada (Federal) and Quebec Immigrant Investor Programs are one of the fastest way to migrate to Canada especially for investors. On the other hand there are some other programs available for those whom don’t want to migration to Canada as an investor or under business immigration program like skilled workers and professional for those who want to settle and work in Canada outside of Quebec, Quebec-selected skilled workers, Canadian experience class for whom have recent work experience or graduated and recently worked in Canada, Provincial nominees and sponsoring your family.

How to Incorporate a Business in Canada

Do you have a small to medium business that you’d like to incorporate? Let EDL Consulting Services give you a helping hand in the process. We’ll walk you through it step by step. In Canada a small business may be incorporated in each of the Canadian jurisdictions. However, when registering the business, the appropriate Corporate Registry must be consulted, dependent on the province in which the business is going to be operational. Business corporations may be incorporated under the Business Corporations Act by filing Articles of Incorporation together with required supporting documents and payment of the required fee. It is the responsibility of the incorporator to ensure that Articles of Incorporation are properly filed with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services in accordance with the Business Corporations Act and conform to law. Once you have selected a name for your business a Nuans Name Search Report must be obtained in order to check your proposed corporate name against a database of existing corporate bodies and trademarks. Such a report will provide a list of names closely resembling your own and will help to ensure that your selected name will be accepted before you continue with the process of incorporation. If you wish to incorporate with a number name, a name search is not required. The Companies and Personal Property Security Branch will assign a number. Once incorporation is complete, the Branch assigns every corporation a number, which is unique to that corporation. It cannot be transferred to another corporation, nor can a corporation ever change its corporation number. When corporations amalgamate, the amalgamation is assigned a new number. Thereafter it will be necessary to submit the Articles of Incorporation, a form of Notice of Directors and a Notice of Registered Office. Once again, procedures and documentation may be different, dependent on the province or territory in which the business will be registered. A vital step that should be taken is to set up the company’s Minute Book. It contains important information that will be required if ever the company is sold. Officers need to be appointed; the form of share certificate approved; the shareholder must pay for his allotted shares; and permanent directors need to be elected. Any records of these should be held within the Minute Book. In addition to this, if you have chosen to incorporate a federal company, you will need to submit a form registering the business with the province in which it is situated. The main advantage of incorporating is the limited liability that an incorporated company enjoys. The business owner of a sole propriety assumes all the liability of that company; but a shareholder’s liability within an incorporated business is only limited to the amount of his investment. A sole proprietor’s personal assets may be seized in order to repay any debts; but a shareholder of an incorporated company is not held responsible for the debts incurred, unless he/she has issued a personal guarantee. In addition to this is the advantage of being able to raise equity capital. Although the percentage of ownership is reduced by issuing shares, it is an effective way of raising that much needed capital.

At Home Business Options in Canada

More Canadians than ever are researching ways to make money online. Whether it’s a part time or full time thing, you can earn money you’re your computer. There aren’t just a few choices either…thankfully there are a lot of Canadian home based business opportunities available to choose from. Many people do a lot of searching before the find the right business opportunity. You can find a lot of great information online to help you. Whether you want to sell something directly or act as a facilitator of an online sale you can find a lot of options. Whether you have money to invest or want to start off with little to no investment, there is a lot of available opportunities. Whether you want to be an eBay marketer, a freelance writer, an internet marketer, sell your own products online or do professional computer services on the internet, there are a lot of ways to go about it and a lot of resources to help you regardless of whether you’re in Canada, The U.S, The UK or elsewhere. As you research your various choices available, here are some things you can take into account to make the task easier. Boundaryless Selling Those who live in Canada that desire a work at home income are extremely lucky. As Canadians they’re not limited to home based businesses in Canada. The internet is a global shopping mall. This can apply to you almost irrespective of where you live. The great thing too is that you can market to people all over the world and in all demographics, too. Thinking global instead of thinking local will help you expand your horizons and your money making opportunities. Boundaryless selling means no boundaries with financial prospects and future opportunities. Product Reviews There are a lot of product review sites available that can help you learn about pros and cons of various online opportunities. Not only can you get an in depth review to help you make a buying decision but you can also get competitive analysis which can help you choose the right program in a particular category. Online Discussions There are a lot of budding web based entrepreneurs looking for home based business ideas as well that you can talk to in message forums and through online communities. This is a very effective medium that can help you to really develop your soft and hard skills as well as your level of knowledge in many areas so that you can minimize business mistakes and maximize opportunities. You can ask questions, ask opinions and sometimes lurking is helpful too. Sometimes these communities can be a great place to lurk and see what others are saying about specific types of home based internet careers. Finding the right online niche for your self is something that can take some time to do but can be a very enhancing learning experience. Looking before leaping, getting opinions and taking your time to find the right opportunity will all contribute to your success and the speed at which you succeed.

Canada Business Provisional Program

Canada Provincial Nominee Program ( PNP ) Overview The Provincial Nominees Program (PNP) authorizes provinces to nominate candidates aspiring to migrate to Federal Canada and desiring to settle in a specific province. Provincial Nomination is a fast-track route to Canada Permanent Residence. Candidate needs the required skills, work experience and education to make the instant economic contribution to the particular province or territory that nominates him. Fulfilling the need of more migrants in urbanized Canadian provinces, the Canada Immigration and Citizenship established the Provincial Nominee Program to accomplish the requirement of manpower in these provinces and their remote regions. More skills would bring ample boost in individual economies along with distributing sufficient investments in those employments which demand overseas skills. For prospective immigrants under the Canada Business Provisional Program, understanding various grains linked with the application process might be a tedious task, courtesy various facets associated with it. Stallion Immigration Pvt Ltd’s provincial immigration specialists understand what all it takes to file and manage the application under Canada Business Provisional Program, hence ensuring that the bowl is filled thoroughly without any surplus spilling. Every Canadian Province or territory has their own unique Provincial Nomination Programs tailored to address the particular need of the province or territory to attract business persons, investors or skilled workers. You will need to choose amongst Canadian Provinces you want to immigrate to Canada under the provincial nominee program –

Earn More Through Canada Small Business Ideas

Every twentieth person in this world is a potential entrepreneur. However, every industrialist is not talented. There are many industrialists out in the market who are in this field because they are forced by someone or had it as the only option. There are many brilliant industrialists who are excellently talented and know how best to perform their job. However, many of them do not get their chances to show the world what they are capable of. It is not due to the fact that they do not make an effort. They try their level best to show the world their potential, and they can succeed in their attempts, if they are given right opportunities. Small business in Canada is same as it is all around the globe, including same options and responsibilities. The central dilemma in small business in Canada is the same as well; how to find such dazzling idea which would help you to outshine your competitors. One of the most important things about every the Canada small business idea is that one does not have to be specifically different from the competition anymore. You simply need to keep all the necessary essentials up to date and in working order and start up with your business idea. Fundamentally, there is a win-win way to ensure that your Canada small home business is successful, no matter at how small a degree, but successful nevertheless. You will be required to put in all your best though so never presume that this is a shortcut, merely a walkthrough through a potentially life changing decision you are either about to make, or have made and are merely looking for guidance. To start, you should start looking within you for the first answer. Are you the daring type who can afford to take chances or are you a rather careful player, who tends to play only on the turfs where they are most familiar with. If you are the latter, you should simply stop looking for a new idea altogether. You can start working for a company that is already working online and move your way up in it. In the meantime you may even learn enough to start a like enterprise all your own. If you are the former however, you may be in a pinch since new ideas are rather hard to come by. The charm on such a business is that these businesses are although possibly disastrous, if they succeed, the amount of net gains often far exceeds even the creator’s dreams. So if you are a dreamer, you can start with looking for just such reams of yours for an entirely new idea. You can also simply follow through for some other Canada small home business footsteps for a much safer option, however though the chances of a dazzling success are rather low since you will already have competition. Theo point of the fact is, a Canada small home business is really what you should consider if you seek to stand on your own two feet and whichever way you choose, if you work hard and honestly enough, the destination is the same; that of success while still in your home’s comfort.